About Viks Hobbies.

About Vikshobbies.BF- 109 800mm Camouflage RTF

Vikshobbies open it door in Mount Isa in 2003.

 Welcome to our  website- Viks Hobbies Models Online Store  2019.

I open my Hobby Shop in 2005 Mount Isa  , our  building was  at 56 Barkly Highway until 2008.   Moved to 45 Barkly Highway in 2008.  In 2013 because of the cost of having a shop front , retail market not doing very well,  I have , had to get myself a day job. to pay the bills, So now we are  online store.

On Line store.

We are trying to build our  online store. Having a online store will  free us up a little. There will be links to other websites, that you will be able to learn more about what you are interested in. We will carry stock in Mount Isa, you can shop by looking an touching. Shopping when it suiys you. Make a appointment. SMS 0413636328.

Locally we will deliver free. 

Some of the items we will display on this website, we will not have stock off.

We will show off other brands  that we can buy, and give you some ideas, about what is out in the Australian market.

Any Questions about anything please contact us .

                     Large range of remote control items.

Online website we  hope to bring you a large range of different Remote control Items. The price range will go from low to high or beginner to advance.

Being a retail store in Australia we have a large number of whole sale distributors that we can buy from.

At the moment our orders are taking  up to 6  working days , some times and up to three weeks, to get to  Mount Isa by truck.

Over night for smaller items is normally a  2-3  day turn around.

Need to buy spare parts.  Ask us first. We have the Australian Contact.

In Stock.

If our wholesaler has the item you want , we do offer the fastest delivery. You pay for the postage.

Fixing Thing, Doing Things.

Information on fixing things, and doing things is all on the internet.

Every thing is on the internet now days. We can show you where to go.

Companies are  not putting  books out now.  (Brand name catalogues) no more, all the pictures, information is  on the internet. You can look up everything and most thing have all the information you need.

The good old service and help, has gone.  Visit our Online Store. vikshobbiesmodels.com

Viks Hobbies & Models. . Mount Isa.

                    I am here to answer your Question.

For me to repair/fix  or service RC Hobbies is going to cost.  $50 Plus just to look at it.

Buy from me and help is free,  I am here to help you, learn about your RC,  fix your car, and make sure you are doing/looking after your RC properly.


It is a good idea that you have a parts Manual for your RC , in your manual there is a list of  part numbers, and shows picture of what your parts look like, and in some cases will show you how they fit and repair your RC. .  Everything RC has  different patts. Need Help Ask

                                       Hobbies I like doing.

Over the years I have did a lot of different hobbies, My planes are one off my favourite. To fly a RC Plane you needed to start with a trainer plane and some help. Not easy to do it your self.

I know about the  RC’S  the different scales you can buy.

The Helicopter. the real RC Helicopter, takes time to learn to fly these. They are very sensitive, and not easy to fly.

Drones, if you have a purpose, yes they are good because they fly them self. You do not need and experience if you follow the instructions.

I do specialise in any thing to do with Remote Control, Radio Control.

I have a great knowledge on the electric and Nitro Motors and Batteries, of all Remote Control item.


Learn how to fly.

If you would like to learn how to fly or need help with  a Plane, Helicopter or Drone.. contact Us.


I hope you enjoy my website,  I will kept adding  to it.

Please enjoy my online store. If you would like any help in buying something , please feel , you can ask me anything. contact me.

Or leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Need to know something please leave a comment.

Have a great day.

Viks Hobbies Models.



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