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About RC Batteries and Charges.

About Batteries For Remote Control


No Matter, if R/C Car, R/C Flight or R/C boat Batteries.

Lipo batteries put your ordinary NiMH or NICD to shame,  going over the reasons why,  I will mention a few key things about lipo:

Lipo holds Voltage a LOT better.

Where as your NiMH battery will be going downhill lap after lap in it’s performance, with Lipo, you would almost not know the difference until the battery is near empty.

Lipo Offers higher power density.
Allowing you to run high powered 1/8 and 1/5 rigs that draw a LOT of amps.
– Modern Lipo chemistry allows you to safely charge and discharge at much higher rate than NiMH.

Start with a little bit of Lipo specification explanation and then go into some formulas and examples.

Any lipo on the market is going to have several parameters that determine it’s application:
– Cell count. Every lipo cell is roughly 3.7 Volts. Total amount of cells determines batteries total voltage. Ex: 2S = 7.4 Volts; 3S = 11.1 Volts etc.
– Milli Amp rating. Thing of it as lipos fuel tank. You’ll see anywhere from 50Mah to 12,000Mah batteries out there. Mah amount directly affects batteries form factor, so make sure to measure your battery tray before you go out and buy a 12,000Mah batt hoping to run it for 2 hrs straight.
– Discharge Rating: It’s indicated with a small “c”, preceded by a number. This number, along with the batteries capacity in Mah is going to determine the max amp output of your lipo. I will elaborate on this later.
– Charge Rating. Indicated with a capital “C”, preceded by a number. This number combined with batteries capacity is going to determine it’s maximum safe Amp/hr intake when charging.

Example: 2S 5,000Mah 40c 5C
^ ^ ^ ^
Cell Count Capacity Discharge. Rate Charge Rate

*Any battery is going to have a min and max discharge rate. Example above is 40c-50c

So now that we’ve covered basics, lets go over actually figuring out what each of those numbers does and how to figure out what battery you can get for your particular application.

Here are some factors that are going to determine which battery to get:
– Battery tray size
– Cell count permitted by race regulations or Motor/ESC limits
– Motor Amp draw at peak power

Lipo Batteries.  From Viks Hobbies & Models  

Viks Hobbies & Models.

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Batteries. Lipo , NiCd, and NiMH.


Need a Battery for your RC. We are a Retailer for hundreds of different brands of batteries. Below are a small sample of the batteries we can supply.

Batteries. Lipo , NiCd, and NiMH.

Vant Batteries.

Vant Batteries go through strict testing and quality control procedures in order to provide extremely accurate mAh, Voltage, and C ratings.


11.1v 1800mah 75C (XT60) – drone LiPo

Team Orion introduces brand new Softcase LiPO batteries developed for racing drones featuring high discharge rates of 55C and 75C.
There are 3S and 4S packs in the capacities from 1300mAh to 2300mAh, all equipped with the LED Voltage Control System and XT60 connectors.


11.1v 2200mah Soft Case 30C Battery

14.8v 3600Mah 25c Lipo Battery


11.1v 3700mah SC 30c Lipo Battery




14.8v 5300mah Hard Case 50C Battery

22.2v 2500Mah 25c Lipo Battery





There is so many Different batteries out on the market. Batteries do go off if they are old. We stock only a small number of different batteries, manly because of the heat out here.  If we have not got the battery you want we can get it. Need a certain Battery Contact Us.

E-Mail orders only.

Available To Order.

Payment- Pay over the phone or with Pay Pal.

We have a Hobby Shop in Mount Isa. Ph 07-47436909

Need help Contact Us.

Have a great day.