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Drake Truck ZT09044 Combination

Drake-Truck T909 Combination Andys EarthMover.

Drake truck Model No ZT09044.

Kenworth T909 Prime Mover / 2×8 Dolly & 4×8 Swingwing Trailer – Andys Earthmovers

Diecast Trucks that are very detailed.

Collect Drakes Trucks. – You will see this truck on Australian roads in Queensland.

Andy’s Earthmovers

Highly Detailed Inside & Out

Opening Doors & Bonnet

Widening Trailer & Dolly

Drop Down Landing Legs & Rear Ramps

Metal Mirrors & Rims

Rubber Tyres & Mud Flaps

Limited Edition Release

Right Hand Drive With Australian Number Plate

1:50 Scale By Drake Collectibles  ZT09044


  • Driver and passenger doors open
  • Air ride seats
  • Functioning suspension
  • Pivoting bull bar
  • Pivoting hood
  • Locking fifth wheel
  • Sliding fifth wheel
  • Bogie drive with 50″ sleeper
  • Realistic engine detail
  • Suspension detail
  • Realistic hose detail
  • Wire mirrors
  • Rubber tires
  • Metal rims
  • Rubber mud flaps
  • Detailed interior
  • Right hand drive
  • Photo etched heat shields over mufflers
  • Australian license plate
  • Limited Edition. ZT 09044.

Sold Out .$458.00.  + Postage

Contact Me. for Drake truck  sales.

I am a Australian Retailer for Drake Trucks Australia.

Looking for some thing, let me help you find it.

We are also the retailer for Cat Diecast Models Also.

Have a great day.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

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Drake Truck 01367 Australian


Australian Drake Trucks.

Drake Truck 01367

N Q Group. – North Queensland Group.

Kenworth K200 Drake Truck .”NQHH” Version

  • Scale: 1/50
  • Made By: TWH
  • Stock No. 129A-01367
  • Material: Diecast
  • Condition: Brand New



Heavy Haulage and Cranes.


Model Construction: Diecast with plastic parts

Model Dimensions 175mm x 50mm x 76mm

Box Dimensions 257mm x 140mm x 127mm

Model Weight 0.29kgs Boxed Weight 0.60kgs

Recommended Age 14+

About NQ Group.

Since 1997, Queensland- based NQ Group Heavy Haulage and Cranes has built a solid reputation for providing heavy transportation and lifting solutions to its clientele base around the state and parts of the Northern Territory. Eventually, North Queensland Heavy Haulage Pty Ltd became the NQ Group Heavy Haulage and Cranes operating in three key divisions -– Heavy Haulage, Heavy Cranes and Heavy Rentals. The company has four operating branches strategically located in Darwin, Mt Isa, Mackay and Brisbane. “As the business expanded its services across state borders, we took the geographical name out of it,” says Matt Yapp, Director of NQ Group Heavy Haulage and Cranes, whose company owns and operates one of the nation’s largest and most diverse heavy haulage fleets currently employing in excess of 100 employees.

This company has  gone. in to receiver ship. 

You can not buy these diecast truck new any. Look for second hand ones.




All our products are guaranteed by the manufacturer and general consumer laws.

Credit card payments can be made by telephone or with PayPal.

Lay By are Welcome. Conditions Apply.

We are an Australian company based in Mount Isa.

We  are a retail store for Drake Trailers.

Jan 2020.

Kenworth K200 Prime Mover with Drake 2×8 Dolly and 4×8 Dragline Bucket Trailer Vintage Burgundy

Let us help you buy your next Drack Truck.

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Drake Trucks- ZT09063-CQHH

Drake Trucks- ZT09063-CQHH

Central Queensland Heavy Haulage Transport Company Australia Diecast Trucks.

Start your very own  collection of Australian trucks. There on Australian Roads.

Kenworth C509 / 5×8 Swingwing Trailer & 2×8 Dolly -CQHH

Drake truck ZT09063

Kenworth C509 Prime Mover / 5×8 Swingwing Trailer & 2×8 Dolly

Central Queensland Heavy Haulage Transport Australia

Oscillating skid plate, Locking fifth wheel, Dolly widens

Pivoting suspension, Drop down legs, Removable spare tires

Widening deck with locking pins, Functioning ramps with chains

Working trailing arm suspension, Bogie drive, Realistic engine detail

Suspension detail, Realistic hose detail, Wire mirrors, Rubber tyres, Metal rims

Rubber mud flaps, Detailed interior, Right hand drive, Photo etched heat shields over mufflers

1:50 Scale By Drake Collectibles  ZT09063

Sold Out. $475.00 + Postage. 

This company that had these diecast models made,has gone into receiver ship last I heard. The real truck is still on the road. in central and North Queensland.

To buy this die cast truck you will have to by it second hand. Do not be surprise to find a high price.

Let us buy your next Drake Truck.

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Classic Carlectables-18416 Lola T332

18416 Lola T332

1977 Australian Grand Prix 4th Place Oran Park . Driver Alan Jones.

Classic Carlectables-18416 Lola T332

1/18 Scale Limited Edition of 1000.                                                                    Certificate of Authenticity Included.

The 1977 Rothmans Formula 5000 Series began with the running of the 42nd Australian Grand Prix at Oran Park.

Pole position was set by Warwick Brown with a time of 65.7s,

Alan Jones in a Lola T332 joined the front row with a time of 66s.

Allan Jones Fault.

The cars were set to race, with the starter flag lifted Jones took off just before the flag had dropped. Knowing his mistake he pressed hard, to limit the damage from a one minute stop-go penalty.
Jones was on the attack and charged from the back of the field, on his way setting the fastest lap. His pace was good but his climb through the field was halted when he ran out of laps, finishing fourth.

The race cockpit dash features detailed instrumentation with chrome trim.
Underside of the engine cover includes a fine wire mesh used to filter out debris and protect the engine.

With the engine cover removed the fine craftsmanship of the V8 can be appreciated like the clamps on the velocity stacks.
The front brakes are cooled by twin brake ducts, note the welding detail on the lower duct.

The inboard rear disc brakes rotate with the rear wheels to add to the realism.
The rear suspension is accurately represented with metal coil springs and linkages. Note the size of the rear tyres.

The detailed chassis features the etched metal Limited Edition production number plate.

In Stock $210.00 Contact Us

We  Retail Hobbies  shop online in Mount Isa Queensland.

Viks Hobbies & Models.


Happy Playing/Collecting.

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Drake Truck- Z01382-C509 Prime Mover Drake Truck Diecast Model.




Sold Out.  $210.00 

C509 Prime Mover Drake Truck Diecast Model. Z01382 Rosso Red.

High detailed diecast model made by Drake of Kenworth C509 prime mover in Scale 1:50. Burgundy Colour.


Driver and Passenger Doors Open.

Air Ride Seats.

Functioning Suspension.

Pivoting 2.8m Cabin.

Locking Fifth Wheel.

Sliding Fifth Wheel.


Bogie Drive With 50″ Sleeper. Realistic Engine Detail. Suspension Detail. Realistic Hose Detail.  Wire Mirrors. Rubber Tyres. Metal Rims. Rubber Mud Flaps. Detailed Interior. Right Hand Drive. Photo Etched Heat Shields Over Mufflers. Australian License Plate.

Rugged, Reliable and Tough.

With Features primarily designed to provide years of trouble free service. the Kenworth C509 proves itself daily in  some of the roughest and toughest environments on earth.

The C509 can be configured for very high GCM in mining and off road applications including remote road train, heavy haulage and mine service operations.

C-509 Defining Reliability and Durability.

Supreme performance combined with comfort and safety make C509 one of the most durable trucks on and off the road.

Defining Application Engineering.

Rugged, reliable and tough, The Kenworth C509 is designed and built to handle the most brutal jobs this country has to offer, both on and off the highway.

Weather you need to haul a triple road train on a back road, or a load out of a mine site, you’ll do it easily and in more comfort and safety when you are behind the wheel of a C509.

If you would like to see more on these Diecast Models, of trucks please visit Drake Shop

I am a retail shop for Drake. I can match there prices. layby are most welcome on our stock, if available.

Drake Collectibles is a division of Drake Trailer P/L,  that are getting Australian trucks made into diecast models.

For more information on Drake Trucks. please contact me.


Have a great day.