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Nitro Fuel for RC. Buy Nitro Fuel.

Nitro Fuel for RC

What is it.

Where to Buy Nitro fuel.

Nitro Fuel

Buying a RC with a  Nitro Engines, RC Nitro Fuel is needed to run them.

There is a Nitro Fuel ,  that is made to protect your Nitro engine

Nitro Fuel protects  the power performance and engine life.

It is a very important, to learn everything about how your engines runs, and to know what nitro fuel you should run in it.

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Most people don’t understand what is in Nitro Fuel.

How it effect the power performance and engine life.

What is in it.

Mixture of Castor Oil, Synthetic Lubricant, Nitro and Methanol.


There is a blend of natural oil & Synthetic oils are in a fuel mix.

Castor Oil & KL198 Synthetic Lubricant.

Based on Klotz Original Techni Plate, this light weight formula in a 100% Pure Synthetic Lubricant. Improves throttle response and provides enhanced flowability, easier needle adjustments, smoother transition from low to high speed. KL-198 increases fuel economy, Less Drag – More Power.


The largest component of nitro fuel, is that part of the fuel that burns. It’s a simple compound made of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms. Methanol can burn in air, even without the other components in nitro fuel.

An important thing to remember about methanol is that it is hygroscopic.

Meaning that it absorbs moisture from the air. This is the reason that it is so important to keep fuel containers tightly sealed.

If you don’t, moisture in the air will be drawn into the fuel, causing it to spoil.


Is a simple compound, consisting of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms.

The “nitro” is from nitrogen, which is what air is mostly made of (not oxygen, as commonly believed). Nitromethane is flammable on its own, even without oxygen, but it has a very high burning point—well over 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

When mixed with methanol, nitromethane acts as a catalyst, increasing the burn rate of the fuel blend to produce more power. The more nitromethane that is used in the fuel blend, the faster the fuel can burn, letting the engine run at higher rpm. The big percentage number you see on a bottle of fuel is its nitro content, which generally ranges from 10-40%.

For all-around use, 20% nitro is the most popular choice. Nitromethane and methanol are sourced by fuel makers rather than manufactured, so different brands don’t lay claim to unique or better nitromethane and methanol.

The conditions in which these materials are stored and mixed greatly affects fuel quality.


Lots of companies offer nitro fuels for cars, and every fuel company has a variety of blends and different quality of components in their product lines.

While the ingredients are pretty basic, the differences lie in the lubricant component. Although the amount of lubricant in a blend is usually stated right up front, every manufacturer has its own recipe for the chemical components used to make the lubricant. While most still depend on some castor oil, especially for its premium fuels, the synthetic portion of the mix is proprietary and the lubricant requirements for a race fuel are different than for a general-running fuel.

A race fuel should burn cleanly and expel thoroughly so that more fresh fuel can come in for the next combustion cycle. The fuel you choose for fun-running should have sufficient protective lubrication to minimize engine wear. That doesn’t mean that you can’t run a 40% nitro blend with 9% lubricants in your backyard — you’ll just be replacing the engine’s piston and sleeve more often.

Sport mix is 20% nitro blend with 14% Lubricants.

The first guideline for your fuel selection should be what your engine manufacturer recommends. Usually, the guidelines are for engine longevity, not for performance.

So read your Instruction Book that comes with your motor information. Mostly it is 12% Oils 25 % Nitro and the other part is Methanol. 12+25=37-100=63% Methanol. Oils are around 4% castor & 8% Synthetic.

Nitro Cars-Buggies have a engine like so.enginFORCE 28 BUGGY ENGINE WITH PULL START.

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Made up blends in stock  is redback nitro fuel.

Postage on nitro fuel  is by Dangerous Goods Transport.  postage is by road.

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