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Nitro Fuel for RC. Buy Nitro Fuel.

Nitro Fuel for RC

What is it.

Where to Buy Nitro fuel.

Nitro Fuel

Buying a RC with a  Nitro Engines, RC Nitro Fuel is needed to run them.

There is a Nitro Fuel ,  that is made to protect your Nitro engine

Nitro Fuel protects  the power performance and engine life.

It is a very important, to learn everything about how your engines runs, and to know what nitro fuel you should run in it.

Buy Nitro Fuel.  Viks Hobbies & Models Shop Online.

Most people don’t understand what is in Nitro Fuel.

How it effect the power performance and engine life.

What is in it.

Mixture of Castor Oil, Synthetic Lubricant, Nitro and Methanol.


There is a blend of natural oil & Synthetic oils are in a fuel mix.

Castor Oil & KL198 Synthetic Lubricant.

Based on Klotz Original Techni Plate, this light weight formula in a 100% Pure Synthetic Lubricant. Improves throttle response and provides enhanced flowability, easier needle adjustments, smoother transition from low to high speed. KL-198 increases fuel economy, Less Drag – More Power.


The largest component of nitro fuel, is that part of the fuel that burns. It’s a simple compound made of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms. Methanol can burn in air, even without the other components in nitro fuel.

An important thing to remember about methanol is that it is hygroscopic.

Meaning that it absorbs moisture from the air. This is the reason that it is so important to keep fuel containers tightly sealed.

If you don’t, moisture in the air will be drawn into the fuel, causing it to spoil.


Is a simple compound, consisting of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms.

The “nitro” is from nitrogen, which is what air is mostly made of (not oxygen, as commonly believed). Nitromethane is flammable on its own, even without oxygen, but it has a very high burning point—well over 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

When mixed with methanol, nitromethane acts as a catalyst, increasing the burn rate of the fuel blend to produce more power. The more nitromethane that is used in the fuel blend, the faster the fuel can burn, letting the engine run at higher rpm. The big percentage number you see on a bottle of fuel is its nitro content, which generally ranges from 10-40%.

For all-around use, 20% nitro is the most popular choice. Nitromethane and methanol are sourced by fuel makers rather than manufactured, so different brands don’t lay claim to unique or better nitromethane and methanol.

The conditions in which these materials are stored and mixed greatly affects fuel quality.


Lots of companies offer nitro fuels for cars, and every fuel company has a variety of blends and different quality of components in their product lines.

While the ingredients are pretty basic, the differences lie in the lubricant component. Although the amount of lubricant in a blend is usually stated right up front, every manufacturer has its own recipe for the chemical components used to make the lubricant. While most still depend on some castor oil, especially for its premium fuels, the synthetic portion of the mix is proprietary and the lubricant requirements for a race fuel are different than for a general-running fuel.

A race fuel should burn cleanly and expel thoroughly so that more fresh fuel can come in for the next combustion cycle. The fuel you choose for fun-running should have sufficient protective lubrication to minimize engine wear. That doesn’t mean that you can’t run a 40% nitro blend with 9% lubricants in your backyard — you’ll just be replacing the engine’s piston and sleeve more often.

Sport mix is 20% nitro blend with 14% Lubricants.

The first guideline for your fuel selection should be what your engine manufacturer recommends. Usually, the guidelines are for engine longevity, not for performance.

So read your Instruction Book that comes with your motor information. Mostly it is 12% Oils 25 % Nitro and the other part is Methanol. 12+25=37-100=63% Methanol. Oils are around 4% castor & 8% Synthetic.

Nitro Cars-Buggies have a engine like so.enginFORCE 28 BUGGY ENGINE WITH PULL START.

Need a special Mix of Nitro Fuel Made up. Contact Us.

We stock all the ingredient, that makes up any blend of nitro fuel.

Made up blends in stock  is redback nitro fuel.

Postage on nitro fuel  is by Dangerous Goods Transport.  postage is by road.

Buy Now.

Have a great day.

Have fun Playing.


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Thunder Tiger Spare Parts.

Thunder Tiger Spare

Thunder Tiger Parts in stock- Suspension Arms, Sway Bar, Knuckle, Screws and More.

Having a part number is a very easy way to get the right part for your RC.

In your search bar type in your RC name , Normal it is .com.

It should take you to a site where you can download your manual for you RC.

Thunder Tiger Parts in stock. More.

AA1680–EXHAUST COUPLER,.21/28=$5.50

AML5/16B–PROP NUT GP61/PRO061= $2.70

PD0389–Screw Bag SSB/R = $16.60.



PD1546–SK H.M SCREW(20).M5*10=$7.50

PD1563–LOCK NUT(20), FLANGE M5=$4.00each.

PD1569– E-CLIP(20) 2.5mm MTA4=$4.90


PD1754– SPUR GEAR, MTA4/49T=$9.90

PD1896–DIFF SHIME(10),0.3mm,S3=$3.50


PD1920– ST.TIE END,S3=$4.00



PD8013–LWR SUSP ARM SET. MT-12.= $9.90.

PD8130– SHOCK BODY & CAP, MT-12= $9.00

PD8058–2 SPD Gears, MT-12.=$5.00.


PN1173= NEEDLE V.ONLY,PRO.H=$22.00

PN1176–O RING SET,PRO61/120/RP=$6.00

PN1501–MUFFLER BOLT DET,61-120=$7.20

PN1806–CLUTCH SHOES(4)=$37.70

Searching for a part E-mail Us, write in our comment box.

Thunder Tiger Spare Parts.

We are a Australian Company.   Place your  order through Email. Contact Us.

Delivery Is around $5.00 for Small parts. Australia wide.

Order More than one E-Mail Us

Have a Great Day

Your Hobby Shop. Contact Us.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

Leave us a comment, Love to hear from you.

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Drift Cars 1/10 Scale

Drift Cars 1/10 Scale.

What is Drifting.

Drifting is a driving style in which the driver uses the throttle, brakes, clutch, gear shifting and steering input to keep the car in a state of oversteer while manoeuvring from turn to turn. Drifters emphasise car control by coordinating the amount of counter steer (or opposite lock) with the simultaneous modulation of the throttle and brakes to shift the weight balance of the car back and forth through the turns. Furthermore, they strive to achieve this while adhering to the standard racing lines (or designated “clipping points” if drifting in competition) and maintaining extreme slip angles.

Team Magic 1/10 Drift Cars.

teamE4D MF 1/10 Drift Car RTR RX7


More Drift Cars.


E4D MF 1/10 Drift Car Silver RTR 320

E4D MF Brushless Drift Car RTR-86

E4D MF 1/10 Drift Car RTR S15

E4D MF Bushless Drift Car RTR R-35

The above car are some of Team Magic 1/10 Scale RC Driff Cars.

For more information on other brands of Driff Car.

For more products visit our online shop.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

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Hovercraft vessels are operated by Pilots. (like a aircraft Pilots).

Hovercraft, travel over land, water, mud or ice. Hovercraft can travel nearly every where that is flat.
A Hovercraft has blowers to blow large volumes of air below there hull. That make it move.

The pressure difference between the higher pressure air below the hull and lower pressure ambient air above it produces lift, which causes the hull to float above the running surface.

For stability reasons, the air is typically blown through slots or holes around the outside of a disk- or oval-shaped platform, giving most hovercraft a characteristic rounded-rectangle shape.

Typically this cushion is contained within a flexible “skirt”, which allows the vehicle to travel over small obstructions without damage.

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About RC Batteries and Charges.

About Batteries For Remote Control


No Matter, if R/C Car, R/C Flight or R/C boat Batteries.

Lipo batteries put your ordinary NiMH or NICD to shame,  going over the reasons why,  I will mention a few key things about lipo:

Lipo holds Voltage a LOT better.

Where as your NiMH battery will be going downhill lap after lap in it’s performance, with Lipo, you would almost not know the difference until the battery is near empty.

Lipo Offers higher power density.
Allowing you to run high powered 1/8 and 1/5 rigs that draw a LOT of amps.
– Modern Lipo chemistry allows you to safely charge and discharge at much higher rate than NiMH.

Start with a little bit of Lipo specification explanation and then go into some formulas and examples.

Any lipo on the market is going to have several parameters that determine it’s application:
– Cell count. Every lipo cell is roughly 3.7 Volts. Total amount of cells determines batteries total voltage. Ex: 2S = 7.4 Volts; 3S = 11.1 Volts etc.
– Milli Amp rating. Thing of it as lipos fuel tank. You’ll see anywhere from 50Mah to 12,000Mah batteries out there. Mah amount directly affects batteries form factor, so make sure to measure your battery tray before you go out and buy a 12,000Mah batt hoping to run it for 2 hrs straight.
– Discharge Rating: It’s indicated with a small “c”, preceded by a number. This number, along with the batteries capacity in Mah is going to determine the max amp output of your lipo. I will elaborate on this later.
– Charge Rating. Indicated with a capital “C”, preceded by a number. This number combined with batteries capacity is going to determine it’s maximum safe Amp/hr intake when charging.

Example: 2S 5,000Mah 40c 5C
^ ^ ^ ^
Cell Count Capacity Discharge. Rate Charge Rate

*Any battery is going to have a min and max discharge rate. Example above is 40c-50c

So now that we’ve covered basics, lets go over actually figuring out what each of those numbers does and how to figure out what battery you can get for your particular application.

Here are some factors that are going to determine which battery to get:
– Battery tray size
– Cell count permitted by race regulations or Motor/ESC limits
– Motor Amp draw at peak power

Lipo Batteries.  From Viks Hobbies & Models  

Viks Hobbies & Models.

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Maverick Car/Trucks Radio Control RC Products

Maverick Racing.

Maverick Car/Truck Radio Control RC Products. Below is different scale Car/Truck we can supply. Contact Us.

Maverick MV 12602



Ready To Run




Maverick MV12602. Maverick Strada XT EVO  Scale 1/10 Ready to Run Electric Truggy.

This 4 wheel drive Truggy is for the person that wants maximum power combined with ground-hugging performance and the toughness to get over any obstacle.

Waterproof Electronics, 2.4GHz Radio System.

Completely Ready-To-Run-with Battery and Charger. More Information


Maverick Blackout ST Petrol RTR 1/5 No MV12403.  

1/5th scale Truggy Power!12403

If you want large-scale performance but a sleek, racey look, you better look at the Maverick Blackout ST! This large-scale truck features a 30cc engine, aerodynamic stadium truck-style bodyshell and a functional rear wing for extra performance at all speeds! The tyres are also a mini-pin type for extra traction on hard dirt and grass, giving you the ultimate combination of performance and style! The Blackout ST is fitted with a weight-saving single 30kg steering servo, providing all the power required to steer the front wheels.

Contact Us.

The range of Maverick large-scale vehicles gets even BIGGER for 2013, with the addition of a huge buggy and truggy along with the venerable Blackout MT monster truck! Awesome 4WD power, a 30cc petrol engine and a bright new look make the Maverick 1/5th scale vehicle family bigger and better than ever! These awesome vehicles are completely Ready-To-Run: all you need to do is add your premixed fuel and drop in the batteries! All three feature a 2.4GHz radio system for glitch-free driving with any number of other RC vehicles – you’ll be able to drive all day long with your friends or other racers! The powerful 30cc engine starts with a simple pullstarter cord, and gives you extreme top speeds and jaw-dropping acceleration that will absolutely astound you as the tyres kick up gravel, dirt and mud! The high-RPM, strengthened clutch fitted to the engine will have an extra-long life with fantastic durability.

Huge tyres and durable beadlock wheels give you the traction you’ll want on loose surfaces, and the if you’re used to 1/10th scale kits you’ll be absolutely blown away by the suspension pieces fitted to the Maverick Blackout range. Extra-thick suspension arms and shock towers, extra-long shocks, extra-strong bumpers and other chassis parts all help ensure you won’t miss any action out on the track!

Feature Summary:

  • Large scale size – nearly 1 metre long!
  • Full-time 4WD power
  • 30cc pullstart petrol engine uses normal pump petrol
  • High RPM durable clutch
  • Huge multisurface beadlock tyres
  • Fantastic new paint scheme
  • 2.4GHz radio system
  • Extra-powerful steering
  • Smart large scale design with oversized suspension and chassis component.



Looking to find out more about Maverick RC Cars and Trucks.


Viks Hobbies & Models.


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Schleich Toy Figurines- Elephants Male- Female-Baby.

Schleich .

Founded in 1935 by Friedrich Schleich in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Schleich is one of the biggest toy manufacturers in Germany today and the leading international provider of realistic animal figures. The design of the figures and play worlds, the manufacturing of the production tools and also the quality and safety tests are performed in Germany to this day. Production is carried out at the company’s headquarters in Schwäbisch Gmünd as well as other production sites abroad.


Schleich No 14657 Male Buy Now.


Schleich Elephants. Male- Female + Baby.14653-14654-14655 . Buy Now.

Male- Female + Baby

Schleich Elephant Mother and Baby. 14655-14654. Buy Now.

Schleich Elephant Dad + Baby. 14657 + 14658. Buy Now.

Schleich Elephant Male + Female. 14654-14657. Buy Now.

If you are buy more than one please. For postage Contact Me.

Have a great day.


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Thunder Tiger-Spare Parts-Helicopter

Thunder Tiger Helicopter Spare Parts- Viks Hobbies.

Raptor Spare Parts-Thunder-Tiger-Helicopter. In Stock.

List of parts we have in stock to order.

Need a Different Thunder Tiger Spare Parts -Helicopter-Plane.  Contact Us

AK0031–86T MAIN SPUR GEAR,R30=$16.90

AK0148–Main SPUR GEAR, 85T/R- $19.90


PV0004 MIXING LEVER,R30/50= $15.90

PV0005– Flybar Control Rod,R30=$6.90

PV0013–Elevator Arm, R30= $19.90


PV0015–AILERON LEVER 30 Heli=$21.90


PV0019–ONE WAY CLUTCH,R30,50T=$49.90

PV0021– GUIDE PULLY ASSY.,R30=$9.30

PV0027–Tail Case,R30=$14.90

PV0029–TAIL PULLEY,R30=$9.50

PV0035-3–Landing SKID,X50=$8.00


PV0038–Tail Fin,R30=$16.50

PV0040– Double Link.R30=$2.50

PV0041–BALL LINK,R30=$9.90

PV0053–ROTOR BOLT,R30=$3.90

PV0058–LINK BALL,4.8=$17.50

PV0068–Al Coil, Servo Tray,R30=$122.50

PV0119 Fuel Tank, 330.c/R30 =$22.50

PV0148–TAIL ROTOR GRIP,R60=$12.80

PV0149-1–TAIL GEAR,X50= $9.50

PV0161–LANDING SKID,X60=$29.90


PV0279–TAIL ROD GUIDE,R30=$4.90


PV0349–Push/Pull ELEV LEVER,R30=$49.90

PV0355–SPINDLE, R30V2=$11.00

PV0357– Swashplate R30V2=$56.90

PV0358–CLUTCH BELL,R30V2=$39.90


PV0367–PINION GEAR, R30V2=$11.70

PV0380–10T Pinnon Gear R50V2=$11.50

PV0381–FLAP DAMPER,70/R30V2=$4.00

PV0409–ONE WAY CLUTCH,R90= $46.20

PV0532-1– Clutch Liner,X50=$8.00

PV0661-1–FLYBAR CONTROL ARM,X50=$15.90

PV0671-1– CLUTCH BELL SET,X50= $17.50

PV0679–Tail Support,4854=$17.90

PV1310-1 CANOPY BRACKET,X50=$5.50


PV1313-1–ARM COLLAR,X50= $4.90

PV1319–DOUBLE LINK,X50=$3.70



PV1336– LINKAGE ROD SET ,X50=$5.00

PV1339–OUTER DAMPER(7mm),X50=$5.50


PV1341-2– MAIN GEAR COLLAR-R50,X50=$2.00


PV1361–SPINDLE SET(7mm),X50=$6.50

PV1371–TAIL GEAR SET= $4.50






PV1426– MOTOR PINION 13T, X50E= $12.50

Raptor3800– Blade Support/Carrier=$7.50.

Raptor3803-Remote Glow Adapter=$13.50

For more information Contact Us

Parts for Helicopter And Air Craft.

Happy Flying.


Viks Hobbies & Models

Online Shop.

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Traxxas 39086-4 E-Maxx

Traxxas 39086-4 E-Maxx Brushless 4WD RTR Vehicle with TQi 2.4GHz

E-Maxx now includes Traxxas Stability Management, waterproof electronics.

Traxxas 39086-4 E-Maxx

Traxxas Stability Management

Traxxas 39086-4 E-Maxx Brushless 4WD RTR Vehicle with TQi 2.4GHz

  • TQI  2.4GHz Radio System
  • 30+mph with 2-7cell MI MH packs, 65+mph on 6S Li Po! (batteries sold separately)
  • High-power 2200Kv motor
  • Factory-installed waterproof mxl-6s brushless power system
  • Product Description

    The already-loaded E-Maxx now includes Traxxas Stability Management, waterproof electronics, and the TQI transmitter as standard equipment.

    This heavy-duty setup gives E-Maxx wheel-lifting torque and brutally quick acceleration on the way to over 35mph with two 7-cell NiMh batteries, or blow by 65mph by installing 3S batteries.

    This E-Maxx Monster Truck is fully assembled and Ready- to -Race with the TQi 2.4GHZ radio system, TSM, and the MXL-6s brushless power system. It has a painted and decaled body (colors vary), and pre-glued tires. (Requires batteries and charger)

    For more information visit

    Available to Order.

    Contact Us.

    Have a great Day.

    Viks Hobbies Models.


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Brushless Motor for FPV Racing Drone

Brushless Motor for FPV Racing Drone

Sky RC X2205 KV2400

The Sky RC X2205 Brushless Motor, equipped with high revolutions and large torque, is mainly for 250mm,210mm and smaller size FPV Racing Drone


Standard Package comes with 4pcs motors (2pcs CW motor, 2pcs CCW motors) included wire and screws.

Voltage/Size Throttle Rate(%) Current(A) Thrust(G) Power(w) Efficiency(G/W) Speed(RPM)
25% 3 13 36 3.6  
50% 7 270 84 3.2  
75% 11.2 410 134.4 3.05  
100% 19.5 640 234 2.65 18163

For more information on motors. Contact Us


Viks Hobbies & Models.


Mount Isa Online Store.