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Helicopters Toy RC’S

Toy Helicopter.

Toy RC Helicopters are lot of fun. Most Toy Helicopter  are made so everyone can fly them  It would be great if you could buy parts , and fix them. when you start flying a toy helicopter ,they normal will hit the ceiling or wall and yes they  will break some thing,  You can get Plastic glue and try to repair them, when you buy your Toy Helicopter, ask if there is Spare Parts available, some Toy Helicopter do have parts. They are fun and are a cheap  RC toys.

If you no, nothing about RC Helicopters, and are just starting out and want to know if you even enjoy flying a RC Helicopter,  before investing a little more money, in a true hobby, cheap toy RC helicopters are  option to consider.

How do they work.

Basic single rotor design offers two channels of control – lift & yaw (turning).

They use a single main rotor and a conventional tail rotor to counteract the reactive torque

The main rotor controls lift by speeding up and down, and the tail rotor allows right and left turns by speeding up and slowing down.

With a little bit of nose weight to shift the centre of gravity forward of the main rotor mast, these very simple little 2 channel RC toy helicopter will slowly drift forward giving a rudimentary form of forward flight

E-flite Blade mCX2 RTF

RTF- Ready to Fly.

Everything needed is included in the box.

 Like the original Blade® mCX helicopter, the Blade mCX2 helicopter is easy enough for anyone to fly and small enough to fly just about anywhere.

The mCX2 helicopter has the same coaxial, counter-rotating rotor head design as the current mCX helicopter, but it adds an extra shot of excitement with user-selectable swash sensitivity and flashing LED lights that are built right into the body.

The pilot can change the control settings to enable this helicopter to perform at higher speeds than the beginner settings. This helicopter also boasts heading lock-like performance for maximum control. It also boasts more powerful motors and a higher capacity 120mAh battery pack. The mCX2 helicopter is the ultimate beginner-friendly machine with unsurpassed stability, incredible control and extreme durability.

With a factory-installed 5-in-1 control unit with Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM2®-compatible receiver, main motor ESCs, mixer, gyro and fully-proportional servos come pre-installed. Freedom from frequency restrictions and great control are ensured with the MLP4DSM 4-channel 2.4GHz Spektrum technology-equipped transmitter

Available to Order.

Contact Us.


What is the Different.

What is the difference is between these low cost and disposable RC Toy Helicopters compared to micro hobby grade RC helicopters.

On Big Different is the Price.

What you pay for is what you get.  Do your homework before buying. If you only want to have a go, and have some fun, buy a cheap one. RC Helicopter are priced from under $10 to 1000’s

Back up Service.

You need to be able to get help, if you do not understand, any thing about your RC Helicopter you are buying.  the real RC Helicopter are the Hardest RC Big Boys toy,  to learn to fly  You need Help, or someone to answer your Questions.

Spare parts.

When How and Where you can get them. Do not rely on your Hobbies Shop if you buy over the internet. All RC Helicopter are all different. Always check to see if you can get help repairing your helicopter before you buy.

Give up Learning.

Some  people that think they can work it out how to fly a RC helicopter them self, but in the end they give up only because they are to proud to ask for help, on the internet, you only have to go to you tube to find out anything. learn to fly a RC Helicopter.


Please feel free to contact us  and ask a question or or online store

Need Some help, leave a comment and we will get back to you.

In store pickup is available. Please make a appointment

All our products are guaranteed by the manufacturer

Credit card payments can be made by telephone or with PayPal.

Lay By are Welcome. Conditions Apply.

We are an Australian Retail Business  based in Mount Isa.

Need more information, where to buy,   a  toy Helicopters.

Contact Us. leave a comment.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

Mount Isa.

SMS .(message Only). 0413636328.

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RC Helicopters-Beginners


RC Helicopter for Beginners

Ready to fly your first RC helicopter.

 The Blade Scout is one of the best beginner RC Helicopters on the market today.

The market is literally saturated with entry level RC helicopters. The Blade Helicopters, is such a good brand to start your journey into RC helicopters 

When beginners are first starting to fly RC anything, the most common problem they have is over-controlling – they simply have not developed the fine motor control skills yet.

Experienced RC hobbyists put Blade head and shoulders above the rest of the entry level stuff on the market.

Ready to fly your first RC helicopter?

 The Blade Scout is one of the best beginner helicopters on the market today.

Ready to Fly- Every thing is in the box for you to start flying. buying the extra Battery will give you more flying time. It is a light weight Tiny Helicopter. Inside play is ideal. Play out side must be no wind, the wind will take the helicopter miles away from you.


This  Helicopter has been designed by RC Helicopter Experts.

It has a 2.4GHZ radio Control, lets several Scouts Helicopter fly at the same time.

It has great Directional Control and Stability with Computerized Piezo Gyro.

It Rotor Head Servo is Designed for smooth and precise control.

Check Out The Fun Scout

Blade Scout Heli

It only weighs 17 grams, but it certainly is not light on features!  

If you are a RC Helicopter for Beginners,  the Scout was designed just for you. State-of-the-art 2.4GHz radio control with advanced Blade engineering and electronics will have you flying in circles around other helicopters  like it.

The perfect introduction to helicopters

beginner heli

Learning to fly with friends is no problem as the Blade Scout CX comes with an advanced 2.4GHz radio control that enables multiple remote control helicopters to fly in the same space at the same time.


If you do happen to hit the deck hard (don’t worry, we all do!) there is a wide range of spare parts to help you get your Blade Scout CX back in the air, but you will find that this model helicopter is surprisingly robust.

This Helicopter is for the learner, it is made so, you can have that crash.

What you Need

Nothing! Everything you need to get you in the air is included in the box, including four AA batteries for the transmitter.


A Radio-controlled helicopter

 A Radio Controlled Helicopters. There is several different basic designs available. Helicopter have different construction, Aerodynamics, flight training, and flight training . Several basic designs of RC helicopters exist, of which some (such as those with collective pitch control) are more manoeuverable is easily while in motion than others. The more manoeuverable designs are often harder to fly.

Collective Pitch.

To order the Blade Scout contact us.


Need more information.

Leave us a comment.

Have a great Day.


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Park Flyers

Park Flyers


E-Flite Brave Night Flyer BNF Basic

Item No. FL6950

brave night

Park flyer for the intermediate pilot who wants a nimble airplane that can be flown practically any time of day.


E-Flite ICON A5 BNF Basic.

Item No EFL5850

Designed to make flying off water easy.



This Bind-N-Fly® version comes with an AS3X® receiver that features optional SAFE® Select technology for newer RC pilots.


Park Flyers.  That are available to order.

Want to know more about Park Flyers. Visit your local Internet to read all about them.

Type in the number to find out more.

Have a Great Day.


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RC Sport AirPlanes.

Sport RC Aircraft.

Need Parts or you would like to buy a Sport Plane.

What to teach your self, or your child.

This might be for you.

Sports Cub S. Ready To Fly. Priced at $129.00. Click Here.

E-Mail Us at.

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E-Flite ParkZone® Sukhoi SU-29MM

E-Flite ParkZone® Sukhoi SU-29MM

In Stock. $380.00.



Need some parts.

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E-flite–Horizon Hobby.

E-flite–Horizon Hobby.

We are a retail hobby shop that stock some E-flite Aircraft.

Check out some ideas below.

If you would like to purchase anything please fell free to e-mail us for more information.


E-Flite Carbon-Z Yak 3X 54 RC Plane, BNF Basic (EFL10550)
E-Flite Carbon-Z Yak 3X 54 RC Plane, BNF Basic

What you Need

  • Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX8 (SPM88001AU) —BNF Spektrum Receiver needs Spektrum Radio.
  • Charger. We recommend the Ultra Power 680AC (UP680AC


  • Easy to complete, final assembly
  • Improved Carbon-Z® structure that’s lighter and stronger
  • AS3X® System delivers precision and agility without equal
  • Spektrum™ AR635 6-Channel AS3X Sport receiver installed
  • CA hinged control surfaces with control links installed
  • High-output, 25-size, 1000Kv brushless Q-Power system installed
  • E-flite® 60-Amp Pro Switch-Mode BEC Brushless ESC V2 installed
  • Digital high-speed, metal gear mini servos installed
  • Vibrant, Mirco Pecorari original trim scheme
  • Smoother running, E-flite V2 propeller included
  • Plug-in wings and stabilizers
  • Cockpit details, pilot figure and tinted canopy
  • Taller landing gear for easier takeoff and Harrier landings
  • Includes an E-Flite 2800mAh 14.4V 4S 30C Li-Po battery

Below is Spare Parts for. E-Flite Carbon-Z Yak 3X 54 RC Plane.


UMX Hyper Taxi BNF  $150.00.

Key Features

  • AS3X® System for outstanding 3D precision
  • Smooth vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capability
  • Lightweight rigid construction with carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Full 4-channel operation with pre-mixed controls
  • Completely assembled and ready to bind
  • High-output BL180, 2500Kv brushless outrunner motor
  • Includes E-flite® 180mAh 2S Li-Po battery and balance charger
  • Suitable to fly in a gymnasium or backyard by an experienced pilot


The E-flite® UMX™ Hyper Taxi™ airplane is a totally new 3D thrill ride that combines aerobatic hyper-agility, super-solid stability, plus the performance to take off and land vertically. Although it looks complicated, the breakthrough AS3X® system electronics help make flying this clever machine enjoyable in any attitude, from the standstill hover to forward flight and 3D aerobatics unlike any aircraft in the traffic pattern. The powerful, radial-caged brushless motor system offers vertical performance that’s a blast; plus, the UMX Hyper Taxi aircraft with the AS3X System can be ready to fly quickly. There’s no special programming needed—the direction and mixing of the four independent servos is complete. Fully charge the included Li-Po battery with the provided charger, bind to a basic DSM2®/DSMX® airplane transmitter setup, and you’ve nailed down 3D fun you can pilot almost anywhere.

For more information On the Hyper Taxi. Priced to sell one only $150.00