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Tamiya Colour Spray Paints.

Tamiya Colour Spray Paints.  TS. 100ml Spray Tins.

Using Spray paints are extremely useful for painting large surface.

The Tamiya Paint is a Synthetic lacquer that cures in a short period of time.

Each tin contains 100ml of paint, enough to cover 2 or 3, 1/24 scale car bodies.

They are not affected by acrylic or enamel paints; therefore, following an overall base coat, details can be added or picked out using enamel and/or acrylic paints. By combining the use of these three types of paints, the finishing of plastic models become simpler and more effective.

Colour Chart For Spray Tins 100ml Priced $12.50.

Most colours are in stock. Orders Welcome.

TS-1 Red Brown

TS-2 Dark Green

TS-3 Dark Yellow

TS-4 German Grey

TS-5 Olive Drab

TS-6 Matt Black

TS-7 Racing White

TS-8 Italian Red

TS-9 British Green

TS-10 French Blue

TS-11 Maroon

TS-12 Orange

TS-13 Clear

TS-14 Black

TS-15 Blue

TS-16 Yellow

TS-17 Aluminum Silver

TS-18 Metallic Red

TS-19 Metallic Blue
TS-20 Metallic Green
TS-21 Gold
TS-22 Light Green

TS-23 Light Blue

TS-24 Purple

TS-25 Pink

TS-26 Pure White

TS-27 Matt White

TS-28 Olive Drad2

TS-29 Semi-Gloss Black

TS-30 Silver Leaf

TS-31 Bright Orange

TS-32 Haze Grey

TS-33 Dull Red

TS-34 Camel Yellow

TS-35 Park Green

TS-36 Fluorescent Red

TS-37 Lavender

TS-38 Gun Metal

TS-39 Mica Red

TS-40 Metallic Black

TS-41 Coral Blue

TS-42 Light Gun Metal

TS-43 Racing Green

TS-44 Brilliant Blue

TS-45 Pearl White

TS-46 Light Sand

TS-47 Chrome Yellow

TS-48 Gunship Grey

TS-49 Bright Red

TS-50 Mica Blue

TS-51 Racing Blue

TS-52 Candy Lime Green

TS-53 Deep Metallic Blue

TS-54 Light Metallic Blue

TS-55 Dark Blue

TS-56 Brilliant Orange

TS-57 Blue Violet

TS-58 Pearl Light Blue

TS-59 Pearl Light Red

TS-60 Pearl Green

TS-61 NATO Green

TS-62 NATO Brown

TS-63 NATO Black

TS-64 Dark Mica Blue

More Colours.

ITEM 85061
TS-61 NATO green

ITEM 85062
TS-62 NATO brown

ITEM 85063
TS-63 NATO black

ITEM 85064
TS-64 Dark mica blue

ITEM 85065
TS-65 Pearl clear

ITEM 85066
TS-66 IJN gray
(Kure Arsenal)

ITEM 85067
TS-67 IJN gray
Sasebo Arsenal

ITEM 85068
TS-68 Wooden deck tan

ITEM 85069
TS-69 Linoleum deck brown

ITEM 85070
TS-70 Olive drab (JGSDF)

ITEM 85071
TS-71 Smoke

ITEM 85072
TS-72 Clear blue

ITEM 85073
TS-73 Clear orange

ITEM 85074
TS-74 Clear red

ITEM 85075
TS-75 Champagne gold

ITEM 85076
TS-76 Mica silver

ITEM 85077
TS-77 Flat flesh

ITEM 85078
TS-78 Field grey

ITEM 85079
TS-79 Semi gloss clear

ITEM 85080
TS-80 Flat clear

ITEM 85081
TS-81 Royal light gray

ITEM 85082
TS-82 Rubber black

ITEM 85083
TS-83 Metallic silver

ITEM 85084
TS-84 Metallic gold

ITEM 85085
TS-85 Bright mica red

ITEM 85086
TS-86 Pure red

ITEM 85087
TS-87 Titanium gold

ITEM 85088
TS-88 Titanium silver

ITEM 85089
TS-89 Pearl blue

ITEM 85090
TS-90 Brown (JGSDF)

Some Colour my not be available. in Australia.

ITEM 85091
TS-91 Dark green (JGSDF)

ITEM 85092
TS-92 Metallic orange

ITEM 85093
TS-93 Pure blue

ITEM 85094
TS-94 Metallic gray

ITEM 85095
TS-95 Pure metallic red

ITEM 85096
TS-96 Fluorescent orange

ITEM 85097
TS-97 Pearl yellow

ITEM 85098
TS-98 Pure orange

ITEM 85099
TS-99 IJN gray (Maizuru Arsenal)

ITEM 85100
TS-100 Semi-gloss bright gun metal

ITEM 85101
TS-101 Base white

Free delivery Mount Isa.

Postage will be Dangerous Goods. every where else.

Contact Us. For more information, and buy  Paints.

Need more help.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

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Tamiya Military

Tamiya Military

1/48 Scale Military Plastic  Model Kit .

1/35 Scale Military Plastic Model Kits.

All in Stock. For More Information on Plastic Model Kits.

Tamiya 32506.

1/48 Scale Military Model Kit German VW Schwimmwager.

Tamiya 32506 1/48 Scale


Tamiya No 32533.

1/48 Scale German Kettenkraftrad W/Aircraft

Tamiya 32533

Tamiya 32550.

1/48 Scale German Sd.Kfz.250/3 Greif WWII

Tamiya 32550

Tamiya No 35343.

German Africa Corps Luftwaffe Artillery Crew Set.

Item No: 35343

Tamiya 35151

1/35 Scale German Sdkfz Stuka Zu Fuss

Tamiya 35151

Tamiya 35322.

1/35 Scale M1 Super Sherman Kit

Tamiya 35322

For more pictures click on the Tamiya Numbers below.

Tamiya 35345.

Tamiya 30057.      1/35 Model Kit WWI British Tank MK

Tamiya 35246.     1/35 German Famo and Tank Transporter

Tamiya 35348.     1/35Russian Self-Propelled Gun SU-76M

Tamiya 35324.      1/35 Iraqi Tank T-55 “Enigma”

Tamiya 35349.     1/35    French Light Tank AMX-13

Tamiya 35327.     1/35Russian Tank BT-7 Model 1937

Tamiya 32533.  1/48  German Kettenkraftrad w/Aircraft Power Supply

Tamiya 35115   1/35 German Sd.kfz. 250/9 from Japan

Tamiya 35337.  1/35 British Paratroopers w/Small Motorcycle

Tamiya 32584.  1/48 Tank Kit WWII German Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.H

Tamiya 32582.   1/48 WWII British Tank Destroyer M10 IIC

Tamiya 32566.   1/48 Sd.Kfz. 251:1 Stuka Zu Fuss Rocket Launcher

Tamiya 32585     1/48 German 3Ton 4×2 Cargo Truck

Tamiya 32586      1/48 German Transport Vehicle HORCH Type 1a w/ 6-Figure from Japan

Tamiya 32580.   1/48 German 6×4 Towing Truck Kfz.69 w/3.7cm Pak

Tamiya 32550.  1/48 German Sd.Kfz.250/3 Greif WWII

Tamiya 32578. 1/48  German Motorcycle & Sidecar

For more information on Plastic Model Kits Contact Us.

Viks Hobbies & Models.


Have a great day.

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Tamiya 61095  1:48 FOCKE WULF Fw190 A8/A8R2

Tamiya 61095  1:48 FOCKE WULF Fw190 A8/A8R2

The Fw190 is generally considered by historians as one of the best fighters of its generation

Highly detailed 1/48 scale assembly model kit of the Focke-Wulf Fw190, a World War II single-seat, single-engine fighter of the German Luftwaffe.

The Fw190 is generally considered by historians as one of the best fighters of its generation.

Often called the “Butcher-bird” by Allied pilots, the 190 was a fighter aircraft that inspired both fear and respect by those who encountered it in combat.

Originally developed by Kurt Tank to serve as backup for the highly successful Messerschmitt Bf109, the Focke-Wulf 190 quickly proved itself as a highly capable frontline fighter aircraft, and before long, thousands of Fw190s were fighting alongside Messerschmitt 109s over skies of Europe.

Over 20,000 Focke-Wulf 190 of all variants were produced by Germany in the Second World War, and some of the Luftwaffe’s most successful fighter aces in World War II flew the Fw190.

The A Series Fw190 was the original short-nose design, and the type was fitted with a variety of BMW radial engines and armed with four machine guns (two fuselage-mounted & two wing-root mounted) and two wing-mounted 20 mm cannons.

Some 6,000 ground attack variants of the Fw190 (the F and G models) were also produced and utilized with success by the Luftwaffe, a testament to the type’s versatility.

This 1/48 scale assembly kit by Tamiya depicts the A-8/R2 model Fw190, which were fitted with an improved BMW 801 D-2 or the 801Q radial engine, the C3-injection system, a new paddle-bladed wooden propeller, an improved bubble canopy design, and improved armament.

Features: High-quality assembly kit display model of the Focke-Wulf Fw190 A-8/R2.

Length: 219mm, Width: 190mm.

Two sets of gun fairing parts included to depict both early and late production A-8 variants. Armored canopy and armor panel stickers included to accurately depict the A-8/R2.

Two types of propellers included.

Includes 1 pilot figure and 5 types of accurate markings.

Model kit – Requires Construction & Painting

 Glue and Paints NOT supplied

In Stock  Priced  $49.90.

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Tamiya Paints- Acrylic Paints 10ml bottles.


Tamiya Paints- Acrylic Paint 10ml Bottles.

Tamiya Paint Charts. Paints available in Australian. Mount Isa.

Hobby Paints.

Shop for Paints online.


Tamiya’s Acrylic Paints, Spray Colour for Aircraft, and Polycarbonate Sprays.

Acrylic Paint dries faster than Enamel paint.

Enamel’s slower drying process is the direct result of its oil base.

We stock Tamiya Paints . Australian Shop.

Need paints email

All paint have to be sent, dangerous goods.

Freight  has to go by Truck.

Mount Isa Is Free Delivery.

So order a few bottles/ items from our shop.


Tamiya Acrylic Paints

Tamiya Acrylic Paints are made from water-soluble acrylic resins and are excellent for either brush or spray painting. Being Acrylic Paint, clean up is easy just using water. (with wet Paint). The paint covers well, flows smoothly with no blushing or fading, and can be blended easily. Each bottle of the Tamiya Acrylic Paint Mini Series contains 10ml of paint .The 10 ml  bottles are 44mm tall and 35mm in diameter.  The Mini series offers a choice of glossy, matte and clear finishes.

Tamiya Gloss Acrylic Paints. 1 to 34.

X-1 Black

X-2 White

X-3 Royal Blue

X-4 Blue

X-5 Green

X-6 Orange

X-7 Red

X-8 Lemon Yellow

X-9 Brown

X-10 Gun Metal

X-11 Chrome Silver

X-12 Gold Leaf

X-13 Metallic Blue

X-14 Sky Blue

X-15 Light Green

X-16 Purple

X-17 Pink

X-18 Semi-Gloss Black

X-19 Smoke

X-20A Acrylic Thinner

X-21 Flat Base

X-22 Clear

X-23 Clear Blue

X-24 Clear Yellow

X-25 Clear Green

X-26 Clear Orange

X-27 Clear Red

X-28 Park Green

X-31 Titanium Gold

X-32 Titanium Silver

X-33 Bronze

X-34 Metallic Brown

Tamiya X81535- Semi Gloss Clear.

Tamiya Flat Colours go up to XF86.

XF-1 Flat Black

XF-2 Flat White

XF-3 Flat Yellow

XF-4 Yellow Green

XF-5 Flat Green

XF-6 Copper

XF-7 Flat Red

XF-8 Flat Blue

XF-9 Hull Red

XF-10 Flat Brown

XF-11 J.N. Green

XF-12 J.N. Grey

XF-13 J.A. Green

XF-14 J.A. Grey

XF-15 Flat Flesh

XF-16 Flat Aluminum

XF-17 Sea Blue

XF-18 Medium Blue

XF-19 Sky Grey

XF-20 Medium Grey

XF-21 Sky

XF-22 RLM Grey

XF-23 Light Blue

XF-24 Dark Grey

XF-25 Light Sea Grey

XF-26 Deep Green

XF-27 Black Green

XF-28 Dark Copper

XF-49 Khaki

XF-50 Field Blue

XF-51 Khaki Drab

XF-52 Flat Earth

XF-53 Neutral Grey

XF-54 Dark Sea Grey

XF-55 Deck Tan

XF-56 Metallic Grey

XF-57 Buff

XF-58 Olive Green

XF-59 Desert Yellow

XF-60 Dark Yellow

XF-61 Dark Green

XF-62 Olive Drab

XF-63 German Grey

XF-64 Red Brown

XF-65 Field Grey

XF-66 Light Grey

XF-67 NATO Green

XF-68 NATO Brown

XF-69 NATO Black

XF-70 Dark Green2

XF-71 Cockpit Green (IJN)

XF-72 Brown (JGSDF) *

XF-73 Dark Green (JGSDF) *

 XF81774- Olive Drab (JGSDF)

XF81775- Lin Gray (JGSDF).

XF81776- Gray Green (IJN).

XF81777- LJN Gray (Sasebo Arsenal)

XF81778- Wooden Deck Tan.

XF81779-Linoeum Deck Tan.

XF81780- Royal Light Gray.

XF81781- Dark Green 2 (RAF).

XF81782- Ocean Gray 2 (RAF)

XF81783- Medium Sea Gray 2 (RAF).

XF81784- Dark Iron.

XF81785- Rubber Black

XF81786- Flat Clear.

All our bottle of paint are 10ml.  Priced at $4.00 each.

Buy Paints. Visit.

For more Information on paints please contact Us.

Leave a comment, and we will get back to you.

Have a great day.

Viks Hobbies & Models.

Mount Isa.


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Tamiya 61092  1/48 Airplane MITSUBISI Ki-46 III Type

Tamiya 61092.

1/48 Airplane MITSUBISI Ki-46 III Type 100 Command Recon Plane Dinah Model 

This Aircraft was used by the Japanese Army in WWII.

Also Known by its Japanese Designation of  Hyakushiki Shireibu, Teisatsuki or Type 100 Command Reconnaissance Aircraft.

Ki-46 (Allied reporting name “Dinah”) was a strategic reconnaissance Aircraft used by the Japanese Army in WWII.

This kit depicts the Ki-46 III variant, which was powered by two 1,500hp Ha-112-II Kinsei-kai engine and was capable of a maximum speed of 630km/h.

The streamlined canopy is precisely reproduced with six clear parts and the cockpit interior features details such as the instrument panel,rudder pedals, and camera equipment.

Parts for two types of propellers and spinners  as well as two crew  figures are includes.

On 12 December 1937, the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force issued a specification to Mitsubishi for a long-range strategic reconnaissance aircraft to replace the Mitsubishi Ki-15.

Role Twin-engine Reconnaissance aircraft.
Manufacturer Mitsubishi
First flight November 1939
Introduction July 1941
Retired September 1945
Primary user Imperial Japanese Army Air Force.
Number built 1,742

 This Plastic Model kit is in stock Priced $55.00

For more Aircraft Series Plastic Model Kits.

Plastic Model Kits

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Tamiya 61060 1/48 Republic F-84G Thunderjet USAF .

Tamiya No 61060.

 1/48 Republic F-84G Thunder jet USAF .

The USAF Fighter F-84 Thunder jet reached production in 1947.

With development project beginning at the end of WWII in 1944.

This kit reproduces the G version, first produced in 1951.

This jet played an important role as a fighter/bomber in Korean War.

This early jet with its characteristic straight wings has been accurately reproduced. The fuselage front upper panel can be mounted in either the opened or closed position revealing the nose machineguns and making this model even more realistic. Flaps and airbrakes can also be mounted in either opened or closed position.

The plane can be assembled without fuel tanks on wing tips. The kit also features parts for replication of 500 pound bombs, underwing tanks, RATO (Rocket Assisted Take-Off) as well as pilot figure. Decals for 3 different sets of markings are also included.

In Stock Priced at $45.90.

For more information on Aircraft Series Plastic Model Kits


How to Start Building Plastic Model Kits

Plastic Model Kits

Do you need help in finding a model. Contact Us.

Have a great Day.


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Tamiya  No 61050  1/48 Scale Messerschmitt BF 109E E-3

Tamiya  No 61050 

1/48 Scale Messerschmitt BF 109E E-3

The Messerschmitt Bf109E was one of the best fighters of the early WW2 period, on a par with the British Spitfire.

About the Messerschmitt Bf109 E-3

Most Famous and Successful German Aircraft.

Without a doubt, the Messerschmitt Bf109 can be claimed as the most famous and successful German aircraft from the WW2.


It was the world’s most advanced fighter at the time of its debut in 1936, and remained as the standard fighter for the Luftwaffe throughout the conflict.

Designer Willi Messerschmitt.

Created by the brilliant designer Willi Messerschmitt, it had the smallest possible airframe built around the most powerful engine available.

It also boasted many of the then innovative features such as an all metal stressed skin construction, retractable main landing gear, automatic Handley-Page leading edge slats, etc.


The Bf109 saw first combat during the Spanish Civil War and fully demonstrated its exceptional maneuverability, inherited from its precedent Bf108 Taifun (Typhoon) multi-purpose sports plane.


The Bf109 underwent numerous improvement throughout its career, and mass production of the E variant started late in 1939.

Within one year, about 2,000 “E” aircraft were rolled out.

Its excellent performance greatly contributed in the active service of German pilots at the Western Front and during the “Battle of Britain”.

The E-3 version used an improved Daimler-Benz DB601Aa engine capable of 1,100 h.p. output. This engine had provision for mounting a 20mm MG FF cannon on the crankcase and firing through the propeller hub.

In Stock. Priced $37.50

For more Aircraft- Plastic Models

 Military Plastic Models

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Tamiya Aircraft Series

Tamiya Aircraft Series

The air craft series features some of the most famous aircraft in the world.

With small cockpit and engine details are accurately reproduced, rubber tires and extensive use of metal parts enhance the durability and realism of the landing gear.

Some models also incorporate movable parts.

1/32 scale Plastic Model –Vought F4U-1 Corsair – “Birdcage”

Tamiya 60324.

Tamiya 61050  1/48 Scale Messerschmitt BF 109E E-3

Tamiya 61060 1/48 Republic F-84G Thunderjet USAF .

 Tamiya 61092 1/48 Airplane MITSUBISI Ki-46 III Type 

Tamiya 61094  1/48 Brewster B-339 Buffalo “Pacific Theater”

Tamiya 61095  1:48 FOCKE WULF Fw190 A8/A8R2 

Tamiya 61097   1/48 German Heinkel He162 A2 Salamander SDA 

Tamiya 61102  1/48 F-16C (Block 32/52) “Thunderbirds”

Tamiya 61103     1/48 Mitsubishi A6M5/5a Zero – Fighter (Zeke)

Tamiya 61113  1/48  Ilyushin IL-2 Shturmovik 

Tamiya 61607  1/100 USN Vietnam Era LTV A-7A Corsair 

All of the above Models are in Stock.

We accept Pay Pal and credit card over the Phone.

For prices  and More Information on Aircraft Series Contact Us

Have a great Day


For more of Tamiya Plastic Model Kits

For more Tamiya.

Tamiya Paints


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Tamiya Aircraft Sprays-Colour Chart

Tamiya Aircraft Sprays AS. With Colour Chart.

We stock a large range of Tamiya Paints Colours.

All paints postage is posted Dangerous Goods.


AS Spray Tin.

Spray paints are specially developed for finishing aircraft models.

Each colour is formulated to provide the authentic tone to 1/32 and 1/48 scale model aircraft.

Now, the subtle shades can be easily obtained on your models by simple spraying.

Each Can contains 100ml of synthetic lacquer paint.

Colour Chart.



■ ITEM 86501
AS1 Dark Green

■ ITEM 86502
AS2 Light Gray

■ ITEM 86503
AS3 Gray Green

■ ITEM 86504
AS4 Gray Violet

■ ITEM 86505
AS5 Light Blue

■ ITEM 86506
AS6 Olive Drab

■ ITEM 86507
AS7 Neutral Gray

■ ITEM 86508
AS8 Navy Blue

■ ITEM 86509
AS9 Dark Green

■ ITEM 86510
AS10 Ocean Gray

■ ITEM 86511
AS11 Medium Sea Gray

■ ITEM 86512
AS12 Bare-Metal Silver

■ ITEM 86513
AS13 Green

■ ITEM 86514
AS14 Olive Green

■ ITEM 86515
AS15 Tan

■ ITEM 86516
AS16 Light Gray

■ ITEM 86517
AS17 Dark Green (IJA)

■ ITEM 86518
AS18 Light Gray (IJA)

■ ITEM 86519
AS19 Intermediate Blue (U.S.Navy)

■ ITEM 86520
AS20 Insignia White (U.S.Navy)

■ ITEM 86521
AS21 Dark Green 2 (IJN)

■ ITEM 86522
AS22 Dark Earth

■ ITEM 86523
AS23 Light Green (Luftwaffe)

■ ITEM 86524
AS24 Dark Green (Luftwaffe)

■ ITEM 86525
AS25 Dark Ghost Grey

■ ITEM 86526
AS26 Light Ghost Grey

■ ITEM 86527
AS27 Gunship Gray 2

■ ITEM 86528
AS28 Medium Gray

■ ITEM 86529
AS29 Gray Green (IJN)

■ ITEM 86530
AS30 Dark Green 2 (RAF)

■ ITEM 86531
AS31 Ocean Gray 2 (RAF)

■ ITEM 86532
AS32 Medium Sea Gray 2 (RAF)

To purchase these paints Contact Us .

SMS- 0413636328. 

Payment can be made over the phone or by Pay Pal.

For more Tamiya Paints.

Have a great Day.


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Tamiya Colour Polycarbonate Spray.

Tamiya Colour Polycarbonate Spray 100ml Tins. PS.

Paint the inside of RC Car, Truck Bodies.

We sell a large range of Tamiya Colour Paints.

Delivery is buy dangerous Goods- Transport is Truck.

Tamiya PS Paints.

These spray paints were developed especially for decorating transparent polycarbonate bodies used in R/C car modelling.

Each can Contains 100ml of paint, Which is the appropriate amount for finishing the model.

Paint the body from the inside, keeping the can about 30cm from the surface.


After curing/drying apply another coat.

Small details should be brush painted beforehand.

These paints are impervious to oil and fuels, so they can be safely used on gas-powered RC bodies.

Never use these paints on plastic models.

Colour Chart.

PS-1 White

PS-2 Red

PS-3 Light Blue

PS-4 Blue

PS-5 Black

PS-6 Yellow

PS-7 Orange

PS-8 Light Green

PS-9 Green

PS-10 Purple

PS-11 Pink

PS-12 Silver

PS-13 Gold

PS-14 Copper

PS-15 Metallic Red

PS-16 Metallic Blue

PS-17 Metallic Green

PS-18 Metallic Purple

PS-19 Camel Yellow

PS-20 Fluorescent Red

PS-21 Park Green

PS-22 Racing Green

PS-23 Gun Metal

PS-24 Fluorescent Orange

PS-25 Bright Green

PS-27 Fluorescent Yellow

PS-28 Fluorescent Green

PS-29 Fluorescent Pink

PS-30 Brilliant Blue

PS-31 Smoke

PS-32 Corsa Gray

PS-33 Cherry Red

PS-34 Bright Red

PS-35 Blue Violet

PS-36 Transluscent Silver

PS-37 Transluscent Red

PS-38 Transluscent Blue

PS-39 Transluscent Light Blue

PS-40 Transluscent Pink

PS-41 Bright Silver

PS-42 Transluscent Yellow

PS-43 Transluscent Orange

PS-44 Transluscent Green

PS-45 Transluscent Purple

Some colour are not Available.

To purchase Paints Contact Us.  For more information.

Payment can be made by phone or Pay pal.

Freight is by dangerous goods.


Have a great day.