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DIYing is the New Hobby of Generation

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, DIYing is a great hobby. Not only is it fun, but it helps you to create things that you’ve always dreamed of. And, of course, it’s also very cost-effective.


Those who have been following the social media scene for the past couple of years may have noticed a new hobby taking hold: DIYing. Crafting is becoming popular on platforms like Etsy and TikTok, and it’s not just the tweens who are taking up new hobbies.

A recent survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that in the past year, 20 people fell off of cliffs and died. The iO Foundation in Spain estimates that there were 370 cliff falls between 2008 and 21.

TikTok is a social media platform that focuses on short videos. Users can post videos that range from mainstream interests like cooking, to more niche interests like witchcraft. It also provides a space for amateur creators to make money.

While the popularity of TikTok videos has grown, some medical experts have questioned the addictive nature of the platform. The TikTok Blackout Challenge has claimed a few lives.

In August of 2020, Chloe Phillips died after suffering a heart attack. Several young adults have also died in similar circumstances.

TikTok has made a name for itself by promoting “dangerous” videos. These include the Benadryl Challenge, which requires filming hallucinations of medication. There’s also the Bubble Nails trend. Those who have a knack for nail art can create a soap bubble gel manicure.

Other Gen Z hobbies include meditation, knitting and photography. Four in 10 young adults say that their hobbies are awesome. They also say that their hobby makes them feel liberated. The number of people who say that their hobby is underrated is also high.

The new generation of youths is seeing social media as a performative pursuit. That’s why many content creators are trying out TikTok. They hope to influence real change by harnessing the power of social media.

There are also many users who are turning to TikTok for help with their home improvement projects. Those who are crafters are using the platform to sell their goods.

TikTok has changed the DIY industry. It’s given hobby crafters a place to earn money and learn new trades. It has also boosted the revenue of several markets.

Social media

Getting back to the basics may be the next big thing in the digital age. According to the 2022 Digital News Report, younger adults are more likely to use social media than older generations. In fact, nearly two-thirds of the young generation relies on social media as a source of news.

The internet is an incredible thing, but there are a lot of downsides. It can be a bit chaotic, enraging and even a little off-putting. It’s also a medium of self-expression. There are even some who use it to get away from it all. Using social media to do something else is a sly way to get a little me time.

For example, there’s a new fad amongst teens and young adults involving bubble nails. These are the soap bubbles of the digital age. The aforementioned isn’t the only new trend in this space, but it’s one of the most prominent.

Other new trends include a surge in gaming activity, with more people playing augmented reality games like Pokémon Go and Fortnite. Some older people are turning to apps like Facebook Messenger to connect with friends and family. Some are relocating to a new city or going to university. While these are all good things, they might not be the most fun things to do.

The best part of the internet is that it can be used to learn something. In fact, a recent study found that more than half of the adult population watches at least four hours of social media clips a week. What’s more, nearly three-quarters of these millennials have been inspired to take up a new hobby after watching a few social media-related videos.

The internet has been a great resource for learning new skills and meeting new people. However, it can be a minefield. In fact, some millennials have been overscheduled since they were born. Taking up a new hobby can help alleviate some of this stress. The best part is that a plethora of apps and sites are available to cater to almost any taste.

The old saying “nothing is more important than having fun” is a fitting motto for an increasingly digital age. It’s also a good idea to look for the silver lining in life’s challenges. For example, younger people might need to relocate for work or to go to university, but doing so can allow them to reconnect with their roots.

Unconventional hobbies

Taking up an unconventional hobby is a great way to develop your creativity. These hobbies can be anything from collecting objects to learning things. These activities can also help kids become self-reliant and confident. They can also be a great way to spend time outside.

The number one and number two ranked hobbies by Gen Z are photography and meditation. The third ranked hobby is knitting. Another activity is wood burning. This is a form of pyrography, and it can be used to make art or signs.

Cosplay is a hobby that allows people to take on a character from a movie or book. In addition to being an entertaining activity, cosplay can give you a sense of escapism. It requires a mixture of exhibitionism and acting. Those who enjoy it often cite the opportunity to play their favorite characters.

Live action role-playing, or LARPing, is a fantasy activity. You may have heard of this before, especially if you’re a fan of Harry Potter. You’ll find that it’s usually done in a fantasy genre, but there are over 30 groups in the United States that specialize in it. They meet in a specific place and have a plot to fulfill. This allows you to live out your dreams, and it can be a really fun experience.

The number one trend of the last year has been for 18-25 year olds to change their hobbies. This is largely due to the influence of social media. Seventy two percent of these adults said they’ve been inspired to try a new hobby by social media.

The biggest inspiration for these young adults came from video clips. In fact, more than half of the adults surveyed said they watch videos on their smartphones four hours or more a week. This amounts to a total of 208 hours a year. Some of the most popular videos include Cleaning Technology and Extreme Make-up.

The number of unusual hobbies has grown in the past year. These activities can be a fun way to spend time outdoors, learn something, and spark a new interest in kids.

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