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Drake Truck- Z01382-C509 Prime Mover Drake Truck Diecast Model.




Sold Out.  $210.00 

C509 Prime Mover Drake Truck Diecast Model. Z01382 Rosso Red.

High detailed diecast model made by Drake of Kenworth C509 prime mover in Scale 1:50. Burgundy Colour.


Driver and Passenger Doors Open.

Air Ride Seats.

Functioning Suspension.

Pivoting 2.8m Cabin.

Locking Fifth Wheel.

Sliding Fifth Wheel.


Bogie Drive With 50″ Sleeper. Realistic Engine Detail. Suspension Detail. Realistic Hose Detail.  Wire Mirrors. Rubber Tyres. Metal Rims. Rubber Mud Flaps. Detailed Interior. Right Hand Drive. Photo Etched Heat Shields Over Mufflers. Australian License Plate.

Rugged, Reliable and Tough.

With Features primarily designed to provide years of trouble free service. the Kenworth C509 proves itself daily in  some of the roughest and toughest environments on earth.

The C509 can be configured for very high GCM in mining and off road applications including remote road train, heavy haulage and mine service operations.

C-509 Defining Reliability and Durability.

Supreme performance combined with comfort and safety make C509 one of the most durable trucks on and off the road.

Defining Application Engineering.

Rugged, reliable and tough, The Kenworth C509 is designed and built to handle the most brutal jobs this country has to offer, both on and off the highway.

Weather you need to haul a triple road train on a back road, or a load out of a mine site, you’ll do it easily and in more comfort and safety when you are behind the wheel of a C509.

If you would like to see more on these Diecast Models, of trucks please visit Drake Shop

I am a retail shop for Drake. I can match there prices. layby are most welcome on our stock, if available.

Drake Collectibles is a division of Drake Trailer P/L,  that are getting Australian trucks made into diecast models.

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