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Black Horse Models

Black Horse Models.BlackHorseIf you are inexperienced with basic R/ Flight we strongly recommend you contact your R/C supplier and join your local R/C Model Flying Club, they should offer a variety of training procedures designed to help the new pilot on his way to successful R/C flight. They also be able to advise on any insurance and safety regulations that may apply.
The Gladiator comes fully factory built, pre-covered and decorated in a highly visible colour scheme requiring only a few hours work to complete.gladiatorGladiator 95% Almost Ready To Fly. $225.00 + Postage.

Supplied with large, pre-painted fibreglass cowl and all hardware including tank, mount and wheels.

• Factory built and covered in this terrific scheme
• Plug-in wings for easy transportation
• Just a couple of evenings to complete!

Recommended EP Conversion
• Motor: KMS Quantum 4120/05
• ESC: KMS Sentry 60
• Battery: Impulse 4S 4000mAh LiPo


This Model needs.  Motor-40-46 2 Stroke-52. 4 stroke. Radio set 4 Channel. 5 Servos.

A highly original model capable of just about any aerobatic manoeuvre you can imagine, all on the popular .46 sized engine.




If you are looking for a very fast and aerobatic Plane,  The Cobra is the right choice. With its swept-back wing leading edge and the anhedral stabilizer-elevator, it looks and flies like a jet.

Engine and radio control not included. $275.00 + Postage.

Recommended Engine Size–40 cu-ins-2 stroke.

Recommended R/C 4 Channel- 5 Servos

Flying Skill level- Advanced-intermediate.

Wingspan 1340 mm
Length 1260 mm
Weight 2600 g

All Balsa and Plywood construction .

Covered with hand iron-on Oracover® Film

Factory painted fiberglass cowling

Pre-glued and pinned hinges on all control surfaces

All hardware and accessories included

Detachable wing-halves secured with aluminum tubing



canter-46-95% Almost Ready To Fly. Item No BH42. $235.00

Wing Span  58in–147cm

Length 50in-127cm

Weight 5LBs-2.4kg

You need a Motor, 4 Channel Radio and 5 servos