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SKY RC Sokar FPV Drone- Manual

Quick Start Manual

SKY RC Sokar FPV Drone– Manual

This is not a Toy.

Safety Precautions and Liability Exclusion Sokar FPV Drone is NOT a toy.

It is not suitable for using by any children under 14 years of age.

During the flying, the propellers of Sokar FPV Drone could cause injury to people, animals and property.

Do not touch Sokar FPV Drone when propellers are spinning and wait until the propellers have completely stopped before handing it.

Do not fly your FPV Drone over any public area, such as beaches, stadiums, populated parks, or other people’s backyards and private areas.

Do not fly near airport. In some country, you need get appropriate authorisation from local government before your flying. Safety

Race Quad.

It is a race quad and not come with GPS hold, and it does require a fair amount of skill to pilot it.

Warning Batteries.

A warning that batteries (battery pack or batteries installed) shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like.

Serious Injury.

The propeller can do some serious injury to human body. So when you setting up the drone, it is highly recommended to REMOVE ALL PROPELLERS. Keep in mind that there is always a chance that propellers spin up unexpectedly.

No Responsibility.

Sky RC accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury or damage to a person or property caused by the use of Sokar FPV drone.

Warranty and Service

We guarantee this product to be free of manufacturing and assembly defects for a period of one year from the time of purchase. The warranty only applies to material or operational defects, which are present at the time of purchase. During that period, we will repair or replace free of service charge for products deemed defective due to those causes.

This warranty is not valid for any damage or subsequent damage arising as a result of misuse, modification or as a result of failure to observe the procedures outlined in this manual.

The warranty service is valid in China only. If you need warranty service overseas, please contact your dealer in the first instance, who is responsible for processing guarantee claims overseas. Due to high shipping cost, complicated custom clearance procedures to send back to China. Please understand SKYRC can’t provide warranty service to overseas end user directly.

If you have any questions which are not mentioned in the manual, please feel free to send email to


Congratulations on your choice of the SkyRC Sokar FPV Drone. This is a high performance quadcopter with FPV camera, video transmitter, video monitor and remote controller. LiPo battery and charger are included also. You just need to recharge your battery and FLY. Let’s meet your Sokar FPV Drone now. Please review the illustrations below for a full list of your Sokar FPV Drone parts

Manual.  For a lot more Information on this drone.

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Sky RC Sokar FPV Drone

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