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Thunder Tiger The Raptor E700 V2

Thunder Tiger The Raptor E700 V2  Code- TTR4761-K20


The Raptor E700 V2 with sleek fuselage!

With the colourful body scheme designed by Miss Simone Zunterer, this 7001fiberglass made fuselage has great visibility in the air. The two-piece fuselage is easy to install and maintain.

The battery could be replaced within seconds without remove the fuselage. Catch up with this beautiful beast now!


Major aluminum parts are packed in box

The mainly contents as below:

  • CNC milled aluminum flybarless main rotor head.
  • 7002CNC milled aluminum swashplate is also designed for flybarless, and same 135 degree as E720 and E800 for eCCPM. 140 degree setting is available.
  • CNC milled alumium 12mm main shaft bearing block with care of light weighted.
  • Main shaft is 12mm in diameter, with heat treatment, and hollowing for weight reducing.
  • ——————————————————-
  • Quick-release Battery Tray allows two 6 cells LiPo battery packs

    Quick-release battery holder could take two 6-cell or one 12-cell LiPo battery. Also, from its design, you don’t have to remove the shell while 7003you changing the battery. U-shape landing skids are good for battery exchange and installation. Also, its lower frame structure makes the centre of gravity close to head grips, which means that E700 could be more stable when it starts doing some flips and rolls.

  • ——————————————————-
  • One-piece Tail Case with Efficient Helical Bevel Tail Gears

    Tail drive gears are made of nylon material, and the structure use Helical bevel gear which is carried over from E720’s structure. Also, aluminum 7004tail boom with lengthened supports for additional rigidity and mounted rudder servo for improved performance. Optimized tail rotor for wide range of head speeds; accommodates 105-116mm tail blades.

  • —————————————————
  • Recommended Optional Part :E700 Power Pack

    No need to experiment with different brushless motor and ESC combinations — the Power Pack delivers the best of both in a single, 7005powerful package. It pairs the performance of an ACE R/C OBL 50/05-50H brushless outrunner motor to the precision control of a Castle Creations Phoenix Edge HV120 ESC. The Edge HV120 arrives with basic performance parameters already programmed in, but modelers can also fine-tune performance using the optional Castle Field Link Programming card or Castle Link USB adapter (both available separately) and free downloadable Castle Link software.

  • —————————————————–
  • Recommended Optional Part :GT5.2 3-axis Gyro

    • OLED Display with icon-based user interface
    • Touch-Pad’ for easy programming without the need of additional hardware
    • 7006High-quality aluminum case for optimal heat dissipation
    • Brand new easy menu, more user friendly
    • Supports Receiver type: normal PPM , Spektrum & JR satellite, Futaba S-Bus , HOTT, SRXL, SPPM
    • Updater support-firmware can be updated as well as the parameter can be modified on your PC
    • ——————————————————
    • Recommended Optional Part :DSHV0507nT Servo

      DSHV0507nT is well equipped with high performance coreless motor, super narrow pulse (760us) drive system and high speed processing 7007boosts gyro response. DSHV0507nt working on 2S Lipo/LiFe battery without any regulator, the combination of Titanium and alloy aluminum gears also enhance strength for continuous Slop-Free Operation and reduce weight.

    • —————————————————
    • Recommended Optional Part :DSHV0818T Servo

      DSHV0818T is high voltage standard size servos that deliver unparalleled performance, equipped with high performance coreless 7008motor, work on 2S Lipo/LiFe battery without any regulator.

    • The combination of Titanium and alloy aluminum gears enhance strength for continuous Stop-Free Operation as well as reducing weight.
    • For more Information and price please Contact Us
    • For Raptor Spare Parts Available.