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Quadcopter from Thunder Tiger

TTRobotix GHOST+       No.4030

Quadcopter from Thunder Tiger

          Become an Aerial Photographer.

 Accessible to Everyone.


A Breakdown of the TTRobotix GHOST+ Camera Quadcopter from Thunder Tiger

Filming videos and taking photos from a flying quadcopter is becoming a popular activity, allowing the hobbyist to capture stunning images from never before seen perspectives.

TTRobotix’s latest GHOST+ camera quadcopter package for GoPro Hero 3 and new GoPro Hero 4 Black can allow an individual to capture these images via the $1,350 quadcopter made by Thunder Tiger. The quadcopter, has four propellers, a removable battery and comes equipped with a GoPro gimbal stabilizer attached to the bottom, which can record shake-free, high-resolution images and high-definition video.


TTRobotix Super Hornet X650

Thunder Tiger Robotix Super Hornet X650 Quad Multirotor Kit with Power System


Super Hornet X650 Features

  • Enlarged frame plates provides abundant assembly space for electronic systems
  • Protection and clean look design for the internal electronic system
  • Compatible with major flight control systems and gimbals on the market
  • Easy to pack and transport foldable arms design
  • Carbon fiber made retractable landing skid
  • Under mounted battery plate system with better center of gravity and stable flight
  • Pre-painted body for a sleek scheme
[TTR4030-F]   Out Of Stock. Our wholesaler has it in stock. Shipping Time 14 days.  $1500.00 Free Shipping
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Mode 1 ARES SPECTRE X Ready To Fly Quad with Camera.

  1. Length: 3.9 in (100mm
  2. Length including rotor blades: 5.5 in (140mm)
  3. Rotor Diameter: 2.2 in (56mm)
  4. Height: 1.75 in (45mm)
  5. Weight: 2.2 oz. (61g) with camera and battery
  6. Motors: Micro coreless (4 installed)
  7. Battery: 700mAh 1S 3.7V 15C LiPo
  8. Charger: 1S 3.7V LiPo DC USB
  9. Transmitter: 4?channel 2.4GHz
  10. On Board Electronics: 4?in?1 receiver/4 ESCs/mixer/6-axis control system
  11. SD Card: 2GB memory
  12. Body Colours: Fluro Green and Fluro Orange

The Ares Spectre X is the ideal platform for budget-minded customers in the market for a micro-size quad to take quality photos and video. The small size of the Spectre X makes it easier to fly in indoor spaces than other quads on the market. In addition, the 6-axis control system gives it the steady control you need to get quality videos and photos in tighter spaces not possible with larger quads. Plus, the flight software in the Spectre X is designed specifically for videography and photography use, so you can eliminate sudden movements that sometimes make flight videos a challenge to watch.
DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcoptern4K UHD Video Camera .

Phantom 3 Professional

Be your own director and tell your story as never before. Reach for the sky and capture professional-quality footage from a new perspective.

With a crystal-clear camera, real-time HD video display, and intuitive flight controls, what will you create?


Live HD View

Simply connect your phone or tablet, and a 720p HD view of everything your camera sees as you fly is displayed live.


Complete Control

Keep your Phantom 3 fully under your command while accessing the most-used features right on the included remote controller.

Mode 1 Ares V-Hawk X4 Ready To Fly

  • hawk

So, if you’re ready to take on the adventure of an airplane capable of performing vertical take-offs and landings (VTOL), and short take-offs and landings (STOL), the Ares Z-Line V-Hawk X4 is the airplane for you.


  • Arrives painted and trimmed in eye-catching US Marines scheme.
  • innovative flight control board allows the V-Hawk to take off vertically, fly like a gyro stabilized quad, then transition to forward flight and revert to elevon control.
  • Rotating motor nacelles allow you to fly from the smallest of spaces.
  • Almost 98% built, right out of the box – just add the tail fin (glue included).
  • A potentially superb FPV platform.




Mode ! Twister Quattro-x Quad RTR. With TX. Charger & 2700mah Lipo features.

The Twister Quattro-X is a high performance, GPS equipped quadcopter that is capable of carrying a GoPro or similar sports camera * and has many exciting features that makes it the perfect introduction to multi-rotor flying. However, with one flick of a switch, you’re out of a stable mode and now have a performance that will excite the experienced flyer. With any quadcopter, the control software is critical to the model’s performance. Drawing on Twister’s wealth of experience and success in this area, the Quattro-X has unique control software – developed specifically for this quadcopter – to ensure you enjoy the best flying experience.



6-Channel 2.4GHZ Transmitter

Adjustable, rubber isolated camera frame allows the fitment of a GoPro or other action camera.

Instruction manual in complete and easy to understand English.

Screw driver and spanner set.

Charger & 2700mah LIPO

Designed from the outset to be quick and easy in the air, the Quattro-X needs little more than the undercarriage and props fitting before you’re ready to initialise the sophisticated GPS (Global Positioning System) and take to the air. Every model is factory test-flown before you receive it so there’s no guesswork… success is virtually guaranteed

If you’ve never flown before, the Quattro-X has a stable auto-pilot and six gyro to ensure that you’re always in control. Many different flight modes are easily selected during operation, such as Altitude Hold, Orientation Mode – orientation – and a Return to Home function to safely land the Quattro-X. With high intensity LED’s aiding orientation and reporting back information to the pilot, the Quattro-X is a completely new flying experience.


Length: 300mm

Width: 300mm

Propeller: 205mm

Weight (without battery): 740