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Radio Controlled

Radio Controlled

What is Radio Controlled.

Hobby shops are great. See and Touch.

Is simply an unattached remote.

In order for a radio set to talk to what you want to control,  you need to have four primary parts: a transmitter, a receiver, a motor and a SEC., power source.

Two Hands

The transmitter is a hand held.

Transmitter that are for radio control are different as they have there own equipment to make them work.

Your Radio Set will come with a receiver. Which is bind (programmed) to your  Hand set. Your Receiver goes in what you are Remote controlling.

SPMAR636SU) Spektrum AR636 Sukhoi SU-29MM Replacement Receiver

This  is a servo, it plugs into your receiver.

It will control your steering. Planes have about 4-5 of these, to control everything. Different Servo to  control every different things.servo

There is lots of different brands on the market for all your Equipment for radio control. This is why hobby shop are great, you can see and touch what you are buying and they can tell you thing from there own experience.

Then there is your ESC your Speed Controller. This Plugs in to your motor, battery and on/off switch. There is different ones for brushed, brushless, Nitro motors.7005This is how you set up a radio set to your RC Model.

More to Come.

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