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Sports Cub S. Ready To Fly

Sports Cub S.

Ready To Fly.

Priced at $205.99  Australian Price.

You need Zero Experience to fly this plane.

The Plane it Self will show you how to fly.

Amazon has this plane.  Plus Free Shipping.

What you Need

Nothing! Everything you need to get flying is included in the box.

They say it is the easy plane out there to fly ?

Assembly of this Plane is not  Required.

You should go through your box and have a look, and read what this plane can do.

HobbyZone Sport Cub S RC Plane, RTF   Mode 2

Mode 1 Mode 2.

Depending on which area you are in, you will either use a Mode 1 or Mode 2 Transmitter. The different between the two modes deals with the throttle and elevator joystick different. Mode 2 transmitters have the throttle control on the left stick and the elevator controls on the right stick. Mode 1 is in the opposite way.

Like Driving a car, Australia driver on the right side of the road. Americans drive on the Left side of the road.

Lets Go Flying.

When flying this Plane you should not fly it when is to windy, chances are the wind will take it, as it is very light. You can teach yourself to fly nearly anywhere.

Recovery with the pull of a trigger with Panic Recovery mode.

With revolutionary SAFE™ technology included, you can learn the basics of flight and advance your skills in multiple flight modes and instantly return to steady flight with a pull of a trigger in Panic Recovery mode.

Remember  planes do not stop in mid air. Recovery Mode might stop the plane from hitting the ground, fence, turn to sharp, but you will have to do some of the work.

This miniature replica of the popular full-scale Cub Crafters Sport Cub also gives you the freedom of 4-channel control with working throttle, rudder, elevator and ailerons. Best of all, you’ll always experience reliability with 2.4GHz DSMX® technology built in.

Radio Set.

Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX transmitter included

Your Charger.

Charger USB port DC charger is included.  These chargers should not be left on, when charging keep a eye on your battery.

Yes it is a USB Plug like your phones. Being a small battery it should not take to long to charge. about 10 mins.


Recommended Battery 150 mAh 1S (included) Buy yourself a second battery so you don’t have to wait to charge, for more flying time.

Need Help to find out more about Flying a RC Plane. Go visit your local flying Club.

Have a great day.