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Quadcopter from Thunder Tiger

TTRobotix GHOST+       No.4030

Quadcopter from Thunder Tiger

          Become an Aerial Photographer.

 Accessible to Everyone.


A Breakdown of the TTRobotix GHOST+ Camera Quadcopter from Thunder Tiger

Filming videos and taking photos from a flying quadcopter is becoming a popular activity, allowing the hobbyist to capture stunning images from never before seen perspectives.

TTRobotix’s latest GHOST+ camera quadcopter package for GoPro Hero 3 and new GoPro Hero 4 Black can allow an individual to capture these images via the $1,350 quadcopter made by Thunder Tiger. The quadcopter, has four propellers, a removable battery and comes equipped with a GoPro gimbal stabilizer attached to the bottom, which can record shake-free, high-resolution images and high-definition video.


TTRobotix Super Hornet X650

Thunder Tiger Robotix Super Hornet X650 Quad Multirotor Kit with Power System


Super Hornet X650 Features

  • Enlarged frame plates provides abundant assembly space for electronic systems
  • Protection and clean look design for the internal electronic system
  • Compatible with major flight control systems and gimbals on the market
  • Easy to pack and transport foldable arms design
  • Carbon fiber made retractable landing skid
  • Under mounted battery plate system with better center of gravity and stable flight
  • Pre-painted body for a sleek scheme
[TTR4030-F]   Out Of Stock. Our wholesaler has it in stock. Shipping Time 14 days.  $1500.00 Free Shipping