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 Tamiya-Paints-Plastic Models-RC

 For all your Tamiya Requirements. Paints. Tools and Glues.
Plastic Models Learning about the real thing. Scale Models.
RC Cars Trucks. Educational Construction Kits and lots more.
Tamiya has been around for a lot of years.
In our  shop we have a Bruiser 1985  Hi-Lux Toyota. RC.
We have one in stock. Must see item in real live. How things were done and made  in 1985.
Tamiya has put out a lot of models over the years. The Bruiser is one they release in 1985, and now have release it again, in about 2014, they are the same in looks only.

The Art Of Modelling.

From Plastic Models and Radio- Controlled Cars to Educational Construction Kits. Tamiya produces over 600 types of fun filled items.

Household Name.

Tamiya’s commitment to be “First in Quality Around the world” ensures that only top notch parts are used for each and every item, and is the reason why Tamiya has become a household name among hobby enthusiasts around the world.

Tamiya’s Scale Models.

Tamiya’s scale models possess such intricate detail that they are often described by modelling connoisseurs as  ‘Museum items” These models are nearly perfect replicas of full size objects, Shrunken down to a smaller scale.

Making a Model.

Assembling, Painting and Finishing these accurate models by hand, one is provided with a unique “three dimensional” in sight into the shape and vast detail of the full sized object at a mere glance. So in addition to the fun building an accurate replica .

Learning about the real thing.

Tamiya’s kits also provide the joy of learning about real thing

Educational Construction.

Tamiya’s Educational Construction Series focuses on the assembly of fascinating devices that move under their own power. Through the assembly of gears and pulleys, one can learn about the relationship between power and speed. By putting together cams, cranks, and link mechanisms, one can understand the principles of centrifugal force.

Solar power.

Tamiya’s incorporation of “clean Energy” in its items such as the use of solar cells to generate power.

Tamiya Tools.

Tamiya has a full range of supplementary hobby items such as paints and finishing tools.

RC, Plastic Models you might be interested in.

Tamiya’s 1/24 scale Sports Car Series.

Tamiya Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R

Tamiya Ford Focus WRC 2RS 24261.

Tamiya Peugeot 206WRC.

Tamiya Paints.

We can get only some Tamiya Model kits. 

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